camoros asked:

I'm a Norse pagan and I'm struggling find other like minded people, could you help?


I’m sorry to hear that, and I can definitely relate, apart from tumblr, I have met very few Norse Pagans in person.

I’m not too sure if there is a kindred for Norse Pagans or some sort of network that helps like-minded people connect on Tumblr. If anyone out there has any information or suggestions, please let us know :)

If you’re looking to meet others outside of an online community, a kindred or Pagan group might be the way to go, but it will depend on where you live. It can also be a challenge to track down the active groups. I’ve found a few pagan groups through Meetup and some organizations, such as Ásatrú Canada and Ásatrú Alliance, list their chapters.

Hopefully this will give you a starting point for your search. Best of luck :)

the-naturekin-forest asked:

do you have any suggestions on how I could learn about paganism? I've tried google but haven't found much. I've always been interested and would like to learn about it.


Online sources can be tricky to sift through, especially if you are just beginning your search. I prefer books myself, as they often provide more detail in a clearer format. Below are some of my suggestions:

To narrow down the sources on what you are looking for, it depends on the branch of Paganism that you are most interested in learning about. For general texts, I’ve heard positive feedback on Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions and Paganism: A Beginner’s Guide. There is also Path to the Gods: Anglo-Saxon Paganism for Beginners. I haven’t read these myself, but they have been recommended by others.

I can speak more specifically to information on Norse Paganism. I enjoyed Essential Ásatrú by Diana Paxson. It’s one of the first texts I read on the subject and is a very brief overview, but good for starting out. And later, Elves, Wights, and Trolls by Kveldulf Gundarsson, which is a more in-depth study of Germanic Heathenry and quite interesting.

I’ve just started The Forest in Folklore and Mythology. I enjoy so far and may interest you as well if you are interested in nature-based spirituality like myself.

Hope that helps and best of luck :)

nasworstjungle asked:

I am wondering what tattoo I should get next. I already have the Ægishjálmur. There are plenty in mind but what is your opinion?


Hmm well, I don’t have any tattoos myself, they don’t interest me much, but I like the look of them on others. If you already have the Ægishjálmur, some similar ideas could be found on the site for the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft or the Galdrabók may offer you some inspiration as well.

Hope that helps :)