mattykinsel asked:

You're from AB?! Do you know any good pagan groups here? I know there's a Wiccan coven or two in Edmonton and apparently some in Calgary, but yeah. Is there ever any festivals or anything? :)

Hello fellow Albertan! I’ll make this post public in case there are others who inquire the same.

There are a number of groups, circles etc. throughout Alberta, I suppose it will depend on the branch of Paganism that you are interested in.

There are meet-up groups in Edmonton and Calgary. I haven’t attended these myself, since I am more solitary in my approach.

The Pagan Federation provides networking options and Edmontonpagan may offer some help.

Also, there are discussion groups on Facebook that might help you find a local, active group or event.

There are pagan festivals and gatherings around Alberta as well, I believe PanFest is the most well known. The Sun Wheel Music & Arts Festival would have been a good one, but has since passed. There have been Pagan Pride Days in the past for both Edmonton and Calgary, but I don’t know if it’s ongoing.

If you’re in Edmonton, you may be interested in the shop wherefaerieslive and there are Pagan markets that take place throughout the year too. I suggest those since they may help connect you to a group.

These are just suggestions, but I hope this helps somewhat. If anyone else has info, please feel free to share :)

The Old Man of Storr, Scotland by dominique-merot
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inuitviking asked:

Gorgeous blog you got here! Guess I can get quite the inspiration and knowledge about paganism and the Nords here!

Thanks very much! I’m glad to hear that I can provide inspiration through this blog :) Take care and all the best.

His Land… by Christian Schweiger

His Land… by Christian Schweiger

By BogdanGrigore
Guide to Iceland
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colts-shadow asked:

Do you know anywhere reliable I can learn about runes ?

Well I think a reliable source for runes is a matter of opinion. People often disagree on interpretations of the runes, so it is best to look for what has the most meaning for you. I’ll offer some advice that I’ve passed on in previous messages:

The first text I read on the subject was Nordic Runes by Paul Rhys Mountfort and I found it to be a good beginner text, was quite straightforward and referenced various Norse myths as evidence. I would also recommend texts by Edred Thorsson, he’s more advanced, but incorporates more of the magical properties associated with the runes (That’s more my area of interest and is why I got into him). The book Runelore, by Thorsson may help if you are looking to learn about the history of runes.

There are a number of rune web sites, but I found books to be more comprehensive. However for a quick guide, there is:

Again, those are just my personal preferences, but I hope that helps!

By Kilian Schoenberger
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Image from wedoiceland

Image from wedoiceland

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